What Kind of Corporate Video Production Do I Need?

The corporate video production can be broadly categorized into informational, promotional, training, and communication types. The informational videos could be about your company profile & history, product and services, policies and standards, social responsibility and commitment, etc. The promotional videos could be about marketing and advertisement, product and service launch, new branch opening, etc. Training videos could be for your safety and work practices, equipment and machinery (how to work with them), tips and tricks on manufacturing, marketing, sales, customer relation management, etc. The communication (internal and external) videos could be related to HR policies, safety gadgets, pricing policies, etc.

Corporate Videos –Essentials



Storyboard is the blueprint of the corporate video’s impact. You don’t necessarily call it as success, since the term is too broad to be used in the initial stages. The graphical presentation of the script tells you about the key elements to be incorporated.

Core Message

A professional calgary video production  will stress on the development of the core message you wish to convey to the audience. It should reflect at every key point in the storyboard. For example, your core message could be about usage of safety gadgets in the workplace. The stress can be given to this message by showing several incidents of mishaps, falls, and damages at various points in the storyboard. The audience will grasp the message and understand its importance throughout the video.


The storyline of your corporate video starts from point A; moves to points B, C, D, e, etc, before concluding at F. The flow cannot be passive, since the audience may lose the motivation to watch the video after a few minutes.

Corporate Videos – Themes

Corporate Profile Video

Dynamism is the key triggering point that makes your storyline sprint ahead and carries the audience along. It could be your corporate policy, vision, or the mission. Make a bold statement on the one goal your company would like to achieve in the long run and keep improving on it. Some of the jargons that have been overused are the quality, customer satisfaction, commitment, environment protection etc. The audiences are so used to them that they take it for granted as a promotional gimmick.

So, you can think from multiple perspectives while choosing that one goal which can attract the audiences towards the video. Focus on the milestones of your company from its creation till today. Your organization profile may have one decade or one year data in it. The audiences are simply not bothered about it. What they like to watch is the track record within this period.

Product/Service Video

Adding real time case studies, client testimonials, and expert review about the product/services/ profile could be a simple, yet practical idea. Start the storyline with the company infrastructure, plant and machinery, equipment and tools, team and training, products and services, challenges and competition, approach and market responses, etc.Try Sight line Studios in Calgary 

Marketing Videos

Add some triggering points into your marketing video storyline. They could be the launch pads from where your company’s growth can soar vertically. Launching of new product/service, branding of a product, potential audience targeting, client explainers, product specifications, and functional videos are some of the types you can create to capture new markets.

Real time client testimonials are the best marketing videos for your products and brands. You can keep it simple and realistic in appeal. This approach will certainly attract the attention of the potential audience.  On the contrary, the narration of too many achievements may make them turn off the video. Hence, you need to be choosy about the focus on the triggering points like the client testimonials for the marketing videos.

Training Videos

The story in the training videos should flow smoothly like a river. The change of sequence should be natural and consistent. Too much of deviation from the core concept can distract the audiences and make them move away.

Generic Concepts

A storyline should have actors and supporting characters on it. You have to identify the key actors and line them up in sequence of the scenes. Some of them could be your employees, clients, suppliers and vendors, etc. mark their role in the video and create the specific scripts for them.

Preparation is the key element which makes the video production highly efficient and effective. Make sure the actors and the characters remember their lines well. They need to speak fluently and make the sequencing look natural.

Template Creation

Practical experience shows the negative impact of downloading the templates from the internet, unless they are exactly in line with your video format and projected goals. The best method is to create your own unique format.

A professional video production company can create the format for you according to your specific needs. It should consider the total runtime of the video. The entire process of video creation, editing, and corrections is dependent on the time. Hence, you should sequence the storyline to flow and end within this limitation.

Focus Points

The corporate video you create should have accurate focus on specific related themes. The best way of grabbing the audience attention is to show your product in action. It could be a toaster, refrigerator, or an oven. The video has to reflect the sense of deep satisfaction among the users. It is one of the sure ways in which your potential audiences can connect with your theme.

The other key focus point is the customer service you provide. Many of the potential audiences may be fed up with the post sales service provided by the sellers today. It is where you can create a unique niche for your products and brands.

The video must project your organization as a team whose members work in harmony with each other. The impact of the videos on the audiences can be immense.

Shooting your videos in your corporate HQ and branches with the real employees and clients is the best way to make them appealing to your audiences.


Professional Video Company

You have to find a professional video company for shooting and editing your videos to enhance the audience appeal and attraction.

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