How To Handle Disadvantages Of Instagram

Social networking websites have become most popular websites in the present hi-tech world, where people share stuff with their friends and relatives online using these websites. Popular websites are facebook, twitter, Instagram, Reddit and LinkedIn.

These websites help people to share stuff like photos, videos, and stories. There are several advantages using these social networking websites because people can share their favorite stories and memorable moment with friends and relatives instantly.

Instagram is an social networking app where you can share your pics and videos with the people on your list easily. It can be good sharing your private moments with your friends but to what extent these can be safe. People should think about disadvantages of sharing personal stuff using this social networking website Instagram. Below points explain how you should be careful while you share stuff using social networking website Instagram.

This Instagram is available only for iOS and Android devices. This is the main disadvantage of Instagram. Even though this is famous social networking website it is available to a mobile phone which runs on iOS and android devices only.

Business people can make use of this Instagram for marketing their products. There are many tools offered by Instagram which are difficult to understand especially for first-time users. Instagram should come up with tools which should be used easily by new and existing user. This way Instagram can welcome many users which can be helpful to both company and users.

Copyright Ownership:

People who post pics to share can be easily copied by others and used by others especially business related pics. It is hard to trace people who copied your pics. Not only they copy things but they also used them for their personal purpose or business. Business people should be aware of this fact in order to use Instagram for better business.


This Instagram is a good platform to share stuff and this can become an addiction to many people who like to share pics and other stuff with their friends. If they don’t spend less time using this website or app then they are going to waste a lot of time. People fail to spend time on other important things in life. So using this website or app in a limited manner can help a person to enjoy without any complication.

Fake IDs:

You need to be aware of fake IDs that exist in the Instagram website. People try to deceive people with fake IDs and fake profile pics. They try to lure you with female photos and profiles. If you fail to understand which a fake ID is and which is not, then you are falling in the trap and ultimately you get manipulated by these fake IDs. If you want to use this Instagram to the fullest you need to overcome these hurdles. With your capabilities and understanding, you can enjoy safe sharing of the stuff you want to with people on Instagram.

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