Top 10 things to consider before deciding on a Home Renovations Calgary

When you want to do renovation Calgary, it is a challenging but comparatively easy task as you are not starting from scratch. Involving advisors, designers, planners, and finding a contractor might make the work complex. Having so much to do on the list requires some good consideration. 

So before you decide and start your calgary house reno, there are some important things to consider. Giving these things a second thought can save you from added issues and extra expenses. Read on!

  1. Have a good look at your budget

Budget is the first and foremost thing you need to go over. When you visit advisors, consultants, and calgary renovation contractors, you will need to answer one single question: What is your budget? 

Nowadays, everything is designed and planned to keep in view the budget. Your budget will determine the material you can afford, the design you can select, and the accessories you can buy. 

So make sure you have done homework on your budget. Also, you must have some extra dollars in your bank account in case the expenses increase under some circumstances. Once you have had a good look at your budget, you are ready to consider other things. 

  1. Check if you need a planning permission

Renovations usually do not come with a need for planning permission. However, if you are going for some extensions or conversions like loft conversion, dormer conversion, etc. you might need planning permission. 

In- house renovations are allowed under permitted development rights without the need for any permission from local authorities. An important thing to remember is that the government recently made some changes in permitted development rights. 

Having a look or consulting an advisor is a good idea. 

  1. Get a measured survey done

A measured survey helps in finding elements in your property that can be a hindrance to renovation. Measured surveys include laser measures and scans of the property to ensure that the design is accurate.  try

It helps eradicate any guesswork you did. Coming up with hidden problems before time can help you save cost and tackle the situation effectively. 

  1. Arrange a living space

Now while the renovation is going on, you need to shift to another place. Your renovation might take a month or more. 

If it is going to take weeks, you need to arrange a living space before getting renovation started. It takes time to find a place to live that suits well to your budget and accommodate all your essentials as well. So, make sure you start finding a place quickly. 

If you are doing a renovation on the new property you recently bought, you can live in your old house for the time being. Some mortgage providers allow you to do that on some terms and conditions. 

A good option is to put your old house up for sale on the market once the renovation is completed or is about to complete. Better be on the safe side!

  1. Consult renovation experts and interior designers

It is better to consult renovation experts before making a big decision. All parts of your property might not need renovation. An expert can guide you best about where you need complete renovation and what can go with just small changes, without exceeding your budget. 

Also, an interior designer can help you know what’s trending and what will suit best to the location, design, and style of your home. You can also share your ideas to come up with the most suitable plan. 

  1. Find a reliable contractor

We all know how hard it is to find a contractor you can rely on. We have heard several horrible stories where contractors disappear once the amount is paid. 

It is best to find a contractor through someone you know had a renovation recently. It helps you come up with a reliable contractor as you have already witnessed the quality of work he delivers. 

  1. Plan it out 

Once you have consulted an advisor, a designer, and a contractor, you are good to plan it out on a page. You can list in all the important thing you want to include in renovation and calculate your budget.

Take out advisor and contractor fee and see what’s left. Choose your materials, wall paints, lighting, and other important elements accordingly. 

Once you have everything written down, you will not forget anything on time. 

  1. Peek into the details

Details are the most important part of the renovation. Without focusing on peculiar details, your renovation can go wrong. You must pick out all the details you want to include in your renovation. 

Details give off a beautiful outlook to your property. Your contractor must know beforehand where and what he needs to put special focus on. 

  1. Go for a forever-style

You need to be wise and realistic here. 

While you are considering styles and designs for renovations, try choosing the timeless one. Going for trending designs will require you to renovate again after a year or so. On the other hand, a classic forever style goes a long way. 

To make it trendy, you can get a look at some trendy pieces and accessories to add once the renovation is completed. 

  1. Visit the site every day

Even if you have found a reliable contractor, don’t trust him when he says you do not need to visit your property during the renovation period. 

Make sure you visit your property every day to check if the work is going on as you planned. We know making site visits is something you do once your renovation starts, but it is important to stay aware and think about it beforehand. It will help you in observing the attitude of your contractor. 

If you do not visit your property every day, you might end up having the exact opposite of your plan. It will take added cost and time to get it back on track. Again, the loss will be yours.