The Benefits of Cleaning Your Calgary Ducts

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You need to clean the air ducts in your home for the health and air quality benefits. The duct cleaning  Calgary procedures can be time-consuming if the length and dimension of the ducts are large. Generally, the HVAC duct design is based on the velocity-reduction method for the residential furnace systems. The origin point will be at the furnace chamber. The furnace installation will be in the basement. The pipes start from here and cover the entire home. 

Every room in your home will have an inlet for the hot air circulation. The blower fans will be positioned near to the furnace for pushing the air through the ducts. There could be fans in each room for blowing the hot air into the room. Similarly, each room will have an outlet duct for the exit of the circulating air. So, the cleaning has to be for both the inlet and outlet ducts. 

Inlet Duct Cleaning

Advanpro Ltd. 11985 44 St SE, Calgary, AB T2Z 4G9 (403) 873-7779 

The probability of dust, dirt, and mold deposits within the inlet ducts are more. The deposits can be within the furnace or inside the duct walls. Cobwebs, soil deposits, and rust can also clog the path of hot air. Dust and soot deposits can blow carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide into the living spaces in the rooms. It can result in many types of skin, lung, and cardiovascular disorders. 


Inlet duct cleaning can effectively eliminate all such possibilities. Circulation of hot and oxygenated air is possible to keep your family healthy and fit. There is one more benefit of clean inlet ducts. They make it comfortable for patients with heart and lungs problems. The air from ducts can keep the chest warm. Breathing becomes normal. The heat can also remove deposits of bad mucus from the respiratory tracts. 

Respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, and cardiovascular disorders can arise due to the deposits of VOC (volatile organic compounds), airborne mold, and other hazardous microorganisms. The possible entry points in your home could be the windows, ventilators, and the ducts. 

The intensity and concentration of the contaminants from the ducts are more. Moreover, you may colas the windows and doors in your rooms when the furnace is on and working. It is obvious, because you want to prevent the escaping of hot air from the room.

Clean ducts can blow pure air without any kinds of pollutants or microorganisms. The air can act as a preventive measure to protect your family from cardiovascular disorders. 


 The first task is to study the duct layout plan. Many of the installers prefer the exterior layout of the ducts to make cleaning and maintenance easy. You will need a vacuum cleaner, screwdriver, toolbox, and cleaning clothes. 

Cover all the inlet duct air filters with a damp cloth completely. Make sure that there are no gaps through which the air can escape into the rooms. Then you can start with one of the rooms. Start from the inlet air filter. Then you can use the vacuum cleaner to suck out all the dirt deposits within the duct. However, it may not be sufficient to remove the deposits on the interior walls of the ducts. 

Take a long wooden or metal stick with an attached brush. Insert the brush into the duct and start cleaning the inner walls. Sometimes you may need to use a cleaning liquid to remove the hardened deposits. Similarly, follow the same procedure for all the rooms in your home. Let it run for the next 30 minutes. The hot air can blow out the remnant deposits of contaminants. You can use a dirt collection bag. Clean the duct once more with brush and vacuum. Reinstall the inlet filters and turn on the furnace. 

Room Cleaning 

Now, you can use an air blower or an air purifier to clean up the air in your rooms. You may also need to vacuum the furniture and fixture to ensure complete elimination of contaminants. Now, your cleaning process is complete. 

Outlet Duct Cleaning

You need to clean the outlet ducts because the returning air to the furnace re-circulates into the rooms after heating. Take a look at the number of furniture and fixture in your rooms. Sofas, beds, upholstery and other furniture can have dust and dirt deposits. The returning air can bring back all the contaminants to block the inlet ducts. So, you need to clean the outlet ducts also. You can follow the same set of procedures as you did for the inlet ducts. 

Furniture Cleaning 

It is obvious that you have to clean all the furniture and fixture in your room regularly. It is one of the factors, which many of the house owners tend to forget. Remember, you have to do it once a month to ensure hygienic environment within your home.  

Professional Vs DIY Duct Cleaning 

If you have a small home with three or four inlet ducts from the furnace, it is simple to follow the DIY procedures. You may also clean up many parts of the furnace, leaving only the critical parts to the experts. 

If the furnace and duct network in your home is large, you will need a professional duct cleaner in Calgary to manage the cleaning process. He will have advanced tools and equipment to carry out the cleaning process accurately and hygienically. You can hire experts in Calgary for every project or you can opt for a contract. It is an easy way to save on expenses and ensure efficiency. 


Cleaning your Calgary ducts can have more than the benefits which you read above. It can also prevent many of the skin disorders, allergies, and infections. Clean ducts can also preserve the air moisture within the room at optimum levels. Risks like dry skin, acne, rashes, and itching can reduce considerably. 

You can hire a professional Calgary duct cleaner by searching in the local directories. You can visit the service provider website and also read through the testimonials before choosing the right service provider for your specific needs.