Also known as “The Heart of the New West”, Calgary is located in Alberta, Canada at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and at the junction of the Bow and Elbow Rivers.

Calgary is amazing for so many reasons, which are detailed below but this is by no means an exhaustive list. I encourage you to leave a comment with some of the reasons you love Calgary!

Economic strength

Calgary is Canada ‘s number one economic performer and is home to a diverse array of industries, including the energy, finance, manufacturing, transportation, technology, film and creative industry sectors.

Taxes or lack of

Calgary has no provincial sales tax and a very competitive income tax structure, allowing locals tosave on every purchase.

A prosperous place to live, Work

Calgary was ranked as the best place to work in Canada by the Globe and Mail.

The Toronto Board of Trade also named Calgary the 3rd most prosperous city of 24 cities in its most recent prosperity index. companies like  MRC SEO consulting 

Free Healthcare


Anybody can walk into any doctor or hospital 24 hours a day 365 days a year and receive no fee treatment within an hour (or two).

Young Population

Youngest population in Canada with 41% between the ages of 20-44 and the average age of only 36

High Incomes

Highest personal incomes level per capita and more millionaires per capita than anywhere else in Canada.

Getting Around and about

In Calgary itself, using trains to get around is much cheaper. The local LRT network with its so-called C-Trains includes two lines that cover the city from the south to the northwest (Red Line) and from the west to the northeast (Blue Line), respectively. A third line is currently in the planning phase. EB1 these train lines are further supplemented by an extensive bus network.

On the website of Calgary Transit, you can get the latest news, check routes and fares, as well as plan your trip. At the time of writing in November 2017, fares ranged from 3.25 CAD for a single ride to 101.00 CAD for a monthly pass. Keep in mind that you will not get back any change when paying in cash on a bus and that you will need coins for ticket booths.

Rates for taxis in Calgary are regulated by the city’s Livery Transport Service and prices are the same for all taxi companies. At the time of writing, taxi rates consisted of:

  • a starting fare of 3.80 CAD (or alternatively 8.30 CAD for departures from the airport)

0.20 CAD per unit

A unit is either 120 meters of your journey or 21 seconds of waiting time, whichever comes first. Tipping your driver around 10 —15% of the fare is also customary.


Crime: Calgary seems to have a remarkably low crime rate based on the size of the city. Coming in in 50th place (2011) in Canada, it is one of the safest large cities in Canada and certainly the safest in the prairies. Most everybody I know hasrarely, if ever, been affected by crime in Calgary.

Flora and Fauna

Wild plants in Calgary’s natural areas. Our natural parks are home to an array of both flora and fauna. The plant-life within Calgary’s parks play a very important role in maintaining and sustaining a healthy environment and provides important habitat for wildlife.

Mountains and national parks

Calgary is located less than an hour drive away from the Rocky Mountains and multiple National Parks where you’ll discover majestic scenery, beautiful wildlife and countless opportunities for outdoor leisure and recreation.

Having the ability to experience some of the best outdoor recreations there is less than an hour from home is hard to look past for those who love the mountains and what they have to offer.

In winter, it doesn’t take long to hit the slopes when living in Calgary with over five world-class ski resorts located less than 3 hours away.

In the summer there are just as many, if not more fun outdoor activities to do such as hiking, biking, rock climbing, camping,and fishing to name a few. Three favorite parks nearby:

  • Banff National Park
  • Glacier National Park
  • Kootenay National Park
  • Yoho National Park


Extensive Pathways Network

Urban living meets nature seamlessly in Calgary! The city’s network of river parks and pathways is one of its most acclaimed characteristics, with trails spanning along the Bow and Elbow River embankments to the furthest reaches of the city.

Did you know that this network is the most extensive of its kind in an urban center in North America? It consists of over 700km of paved pathways, 42 km of which are cleared during winter for use year-round.

Let’s not forget about how many green spaces, parks and interconnecting pathways there are as well. Calgary Parks take care of more than 7500 hectares of land at more than 3400 sites, an astounding number of such to be found in an urban center.


Culturally and Rich diverse


One of the best things about Calgary is how culturally rich and diverse its population is. It is the Cultural Capital of Canada, with approximately 25% of Calgarians being foreign born!

These are the people that have brought their culture and traditions with them and can be accredited with the large diversity of delicious foods, fun cultural activities,and events found in the city.

While foreign culture is in abundance, so is our own homegrowna western culture. Look at the Calgary Stampede, for example, an annual event that celebrates and commemorates our western heritage. It’s just one of many fun and exciting things to do every year in Calgary that contribute to an enjoyable living experience filled with tons of local fun and happiness!


Job Opportunities


Alberta has consistently been one of the leaders in the North American job market since the turn of the century in terms of employment opportunities and growth. The completion of the TransCanada Pipeline in the late 1950′s helped to advance Calgary into becoming the worldwide energy hub it is today. With many great companies like

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Alberta is home to 95% of Canada’s oil reserves which ranks 3rd in the world for total recoverable oil reserves and 1st in the world for democratic and investable oil reserves. The energy industry stimulates nearly all aspects of the city’s economy; when oil prices are high and conditions are right, everyone benefits.