Hi!! Welcome to my website!

I have created this website to help parents on how to protect their kid from online threats and from some unwanted online activity. This website is developed by my Indian friend who is a professional blogger in technology niche. I would like to give full credit to him for helping me in order to create this helpful website.

Technology made our lives easier but at the same time our lives become prone to many technological issues making our lives vulnerable especially lives of kids. Nowadays kids are gadget geeks and they are called champs understanding using varieties of electronic products that can make them happy among such products mobile phones, computers, iPads and internet stands first in the list. There are many applications in the market which can grab the eyeballs of kids. Kids started using these applications for various purposes. Kids have become very addictive to internet on mobile phones than internet on desktop computers and laptop because mobile phone ensures privacy.

Kids started using internet for several purposes some kids use them to learn subject related things and some kids spend time chatting with friends and some get addicted to browsing adult websites on the internet. Since chatting and browsing adult websites ruins the life of growing kids, parents must monitor their activities on internet.

There are people who use this internet to bully these kids using fake ID’s through various messengers available in the technology market. These people try to send unwanted messages, explicit stuff and adult based images and short videos to these kids. Some kids try to avoid these kinds of messages but some kids get addicted to this stuff sent by strangers because of the pleasure these adult stuff gives them. Some kids go into depression when they receive adult stuff to their email address or messenger and they fail to avoid this stuff.

It is completely parent’s responsibility to protect kids from cyber bullying. They must act smart to protect their kids if not they will become victim of cyber bullying. There are instances where kids ended lives because of cyber bullying. Parents must start teaching their kids the importance of life by making them to understand the importance of internet, mobile phones and laptops usage. They must tell them importance of education and other social activities so that they don’t spend much time using mobile phones, computers and internet. Kids must be taught about precautions to be taken while using messengers, internet, Facebook and Instagram because these are the sources where kids become victim of cyber bullying.

Since this WhatsApp is used by most number of kids it is good and safe that parents monitor their kid’s activities on WhatsApp. If parents find that their kids are stubborn and bother in least way about what parents says, then it is good to use Instagram spy software to trace activities of your kids on Instagram and internet. Parents must not fail to succeed in making their kid’s to understand the pros and cons of internet and Instagram otherwise they use these Instagram and internet in chronic manner ultimately ruining their own lives. Parents must admonish their kids by making them understand importance of these electronic products. This is one best way to keep your kids away from becoming victim of cyber bullying.